Woodstock Paraphernalia

It’s the 40th Anniversay of Woodstock this year. There’s lots of cool “paraphernalia” available to bring back those memories. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of the brown acid. Just as well I guess.

If you were there or even if you weren’t… there’s lots of things you can buy to spark those memories.

The Movie

If you loved the movie that was released back in 1970 which was called simply Woodstock… you’re in for a treat. The new versions have improved sound and visual quality. Of course the filming was done in “a disaster area” so this is not up to today’s standard’s of movie quality but it’s still really neat.

And best of all, you’ll find performances and background information that has never been released before. The bonus features alone are worth the price in my opinion.

And there’s more available than just the movie. We’ll be checking them out and collecting them for you here so you won’t have to.

Here’s About The Best Deal We’ve Found on the Movie

We’ll be doing a detailed review of this Ultimate Collectors Edition to let you know if it’s really worth it. I just got it today and so far it looks pretty cool. It even includes replicas of the messages that were sent up to the stage… you know… “Susan meet me at the stage. I’ve got your insulin.”Woodstock: 3 Days Of Peace And Music (Director’s Cut 40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition)

Here’s The Director’s Cut without the Extras.

This is the Director’s Cut that has some scenes that weren’t in the original movie Woodstock: 3 Days Of Peace And Music (Director’s Cut 40th Anniversary Special Edition) If you’d like to take a look at many Woodstock related books, DVDs, and music click on this link. Have you heard about Road To Woodstock by the main promoter of Woodstock, Michael Lang. Here’s the link to learn more.

Woodstock 40th Anniverary Page

Collectibles and Memorabilia

There’s lots of cool collectibles on eBay by the way. Check out this Woodstock stuff on eBay