Woodstock Couple Still Together

Maybe Woodstock was magic. Or maybe the experience just brought them very close together. Whatever it is it’s something you don’t see every day.

That couple that was on the cover to the album and became an icon to a generation got married and are still together 40 years later. Nick and Bobbi Ercoline, both now 60 — embracing underneath a dirty blanket, surrounded by exhausted concertgoers will forever be intertwined with Woodstock and a generation.

Nick and Bobbi Ercoline

Nick and Bobbi Ercoline

They only met three months earlier. And weren’t even aware the picture was being taken. But once the movie came out they were famous. To the Ercolines’ surprise, the image became the cover of the ‘Woodstock’ album in 1970 and was featured on posters for the subsequent documentary film.

But it’s clear. Forty years after the legendary festival in Bethel, N.Y., a photo of two lovebirds taken at Woodstock has become an iconic symbol of love.

They married two summers after the fabled weekend, and they still live less than an hour’s drive from the original concert site of Bethel, N.Y., and within spitting distance of where they both grew up. Nick Ercoline works for the Orange County, N.Y., Department of Housing. Bobbi is a resident nurse at the elementary school in their hometown of Pine Bush.

The 40th anniversary of the ultimate hippie-fest, this Aug. 15-17, has thrown the Ercolines into the spotlight again – something they never expected or sought.

They say they remember nothing of the original shot, taken by Burk Uzzle. “We weren’t striking a pose,” Nick says. “We were as surprised as everybody to see that photo on the album cover.”

What resonates most about the photo is that it speaks to what many Woodstock veterans consider to be the true meaning of the festival — not just music but a movement of peace, love and unity. In a recent interview with Spinner, Woodstock performer Richie Havens cited a Martin Luther King Jr. speech, saying “It’s not him or him or him, it’s all of us or nothing. That was our thing, that’s what we went against the war with.”

And what held that generation together was the belief that love could change anything. And that love could last. It sure did for Nick and Bobbi.

The couple themselves acknowledge the social significance of the now legendary picture. “It’s an honest representation of a generation. When we look at that photo … I see our generation,” Nick told the NY Daily News.

Certainly Woodstock has been romanticized over the years, but for many, the image of Nick and Bobbi wrapped in a blanket represents exactly what Woodstock is all about.

What’s more, the couple has been together ever since.

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