There’s More Woodstock Music Than You Think

What if I told you you hadn’t seen 58% of the available performances on video from Woodstock.

I’ve been working my way through all the DVDs and videos of the recorded music at Woodstock. Now I’m just talking about the one’s on video. I haven’t started to check out all the music on vinyl or CDs. That’s my next project.

Anyway I counted…

  • 23 actual video performances by 17 different performers on the “Director’s Cut” version now being released. It think there’s a couple here that weren’t on the original movie.
  • 18 performances by 13 acts on the “Untold Stories” disc that comes with the Ultimate Collectors Edition
  • 16 performances by 15 performers on The Lost Performances VHS tape

Now each of these performances are not repeated on the other tapes or discs. So the performances on the tape are not on any other DVD that I know of. Feel free to correct me on this if I’m wrong.

Which Are The Best Woodstock Performances?

Creedence Clearwater at Woodstock

Creedence Clearwater at Woodstock

Of course everyone has their own favorites. And if you’ve only watched the original movie you haven’t come close to seeing all the performances so how could you judge. But the songs I had never heard before were at least as good as the main ones you see in the movie. And if you’ve only seen the original that means there’s about 32 out of 55 performances that you haven’t heard or seen.

I was particulary surprised by Paul Butterfield on the VHS doing Drifting Blues. As a big blues lover I was blown away by just how authentic he was. The quality of his blues was as good as the best you could see today. It was clearly in the same league of a Rod Piazza or Mark Hummel that you would see today. The band was way ahead of it’s time.

And mostly because it was a big high point for me, Creedence Clearwater’s version of Born on the Bayou that got me to jump out of my sleeping bag at 3:00 AM on Saturday night, was great to finally get to hear. That’s on the Untold Stories disc.

Anyway my point is there is much more to hear. If you loved the music on the “old” Woodstock movie, the new stuff is not only just as good, but like seeing Woodstock from another perspective. It’s worth checking out if you get the chance.

Here’s a little taste of what you’ve been missing…


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