My Woodstock Highlight

Of course trying to pick one highlight from something that changed your whole life is a little silly. But there is one moment from Woodstock 1969 that I will always remember…

It was late Saturday night. It was the night Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead played.

Now I’ve never been a big Dead fan but even under these special conditions of being with all these other “freaks” I couldn’t really get into it. After a long day… and now it was about 2:00 AM in the morning… well their endless, noodling jams were just not hitting the spot. To be truthful they were putting me to sleep.

When they finally ended I was pretty much asleep physically and emotionally.

Creedance at Woodstock

Creedance at Woodstock


I heard… well… da-da-da-da —- well it’s hard to describe… you’ve got to check out the video (below)… it was those first guitar licks from Born on the BayouCreedence Clearwater Revival was bringing us back to life. Everyone in that big, cold, sleepy field jumped out of their sleeping bags and started to dance. It was the perfect antidote to the Grateful Dead. Energy and groove had taken over from spacey noodling… I still remember that moment well.

And that performance never made it to the movie. In fact there was no Creedence Clearwater in the movie… until now.

The new Woodstock 40th Anniversary, Ultimate Collectors Edition has an extra DVD with many unheard performance… and guess what’s on it… yup Born On The Bayou in all it’s glory. Plus two more CCR songs too… I Put A Spell On You and Keep On Chooglin’.

But that one song was worth the price for me!

And there’s lot more songs that you probably haven’t heard. I counted 55 songs available on the 3 videos you can buy. There were only 23 actual performances on the original movie disc/tape. You’re missing out.

Here’s a sample of what you are missing. Of course the actual DVD is much better quality and sound.


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