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The Real Stars of Woodstock

I’ve been going through all the Woodstock videos. And there’s a lot more to watch then there used to be. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition (3 discs total) The Director’s Cut version of just the movie (2 discs) – 225 minutes compared to 184 for original The VHS tape called The Lost Performances In the Ultimate […]

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There’s More Woodstock Music Than You Think

What if I told you you hadn’t seen 58% of the available performances on video from Woodstock. I’ve been working my way through all the DVDs and videos of the recorded music at Woodstock. Now I’m just talking about the one’s on video. I haven’t started to check out all the music on vinyl or […]

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My Woodstock Highlight

Of course trying to pick one highlight from something that changed your whole life is a little silly. But there is one moment from Woodstock 1969 that I will always remember… It was late Saturday night. It was the night Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead played. Now I’ve never been a big Dead fan […]

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